Become a MOV'n Dragon!

Why join the MOV'n Dragons?

• Develop a support system for cancer thrivers

• Enhance health and well-being

• Build self-confidence

• Empower yourself

• Make new friends


Bring out your hidden athlete to become a part of the Mid-Ohio Valley Dragon Dream Team:

• E-mail

• Stop by the Marietta College boathouse along Gilman Avenue during one of our practices.

• Contact Janet Chase at 740-373-5316 or e-mail

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What to wear

Wear dry wick or stretchy clothes. No jeans.

Your feet may get wet, so wear footwear that you don't mind getting wet (possibly). No flip flops!

Bring a bottle of water or energy drink.

Wear sunscreen, a hat, etc.

Most paddlers wear gloves as well (women’s weightlifting gloves or something similar).